There are three ways to buy Vision:

  • Vision: 1 Universe
  • Vision Plus: 4 Universes
  • Vision Unlimited: Unlimited Universes

If your license is currently active on subscription, you can trade up for more universes at a discount. Just enter your Dongle ID and select your purchasing. If you’re unsure of your purchasing options, contact our sales representatives at 888.646.4223 or To purchase an additional license, please visit the Vision page.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only trade up a license with a current subscription. If your subscription is not current, please contact us.

Whether you’re already a Vectorworks Spotlight user or would like to be, you can contact a local distributor to learn about options to bundle your Spotlight and Vision software purchases.

  • Item #: TPS-TPX-VSN-TVP

Additional Universes

Price: $700.00
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