Previz is the future of entertainment and lighting design, and that’s why we offer special pricing for students and teachers. Vision for can be purchased as a single universe or four-universe bundle that is active for 12 months. After your initial purchase, you can qualify for a 12-month extension when you provide an up-to-date student or professor ID.

Every purchase includes a year-long Vision subscription, giving you all product and fixture updates, as well as access to our top-notch support via phone, email, LiveChat, and our subscribers-only forum.

In order to receive a discounted educational Vision license, you must complete this form and submit proof of your employment or enrollment within 48 hours of purchasing.

To learn about your educational options for Vectorworks Spotlight, please contact your local distributor.

All Vision licenses are cross-platform. However, please select Windows or Mac to determine your primary environment for support purposes.

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Vision for Education

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